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Silvio's Farm Our Story

By Silvio Mattacchione

We grow nutritionally dense whole foods Aronia Berries – Design, Print & Publish quality Books  –  We create inspiring content, develop strategies & launch campaigns  –  We breed & sell award winning Racing Pigeons & sell a variety of Books (many on Birds)
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In short we seek to educate, motivate and inspire.

Silvio Mattacchione BA MA: Book Publisher, Author and Journalist


Born in Sora, Italy, Silvio Mattacchione immigrated to Canada in 1955. He earned a B.A. and an M.A. in History from the University of Waterloo. He is known worldwide as a specialist publisher of books on and about birds. Several of his books are recognized as extremely important works for specialist breeders. His limited edition and other Psittaculture books, under the Silvio Mattacchione & Co. imprint, have been collected by museums, reference libraries, zoological gardens, institutions of higher learning, government agencies, and breeders and influencers worldwide.

Silvio’s extensive ongoing series of articles on racing pigeons have been and continue to be published in racing pigeon and fancy pigeon journals in the USA, Great Britain, Canada, China, Taiwan, Mexico, Romania, Hungary, and Australia as well as having been published digitally by websites globally. Silvio’s body of published books coupled with his extensive field work including his appearance on two episodes of “Working Animals” which aired worldwide on “Discovery Channel” have made Silvio one of the most recognizable pigeon journalists and experts in the world.

He has written numerous books, including “Kingmaker: De Rauw Sablon A Racing Pigeon Dynasty” He has published six books on racing pigeons: “The Will To Prepare by Bob Kinney,” “Rotondo On Racing Pigeons by Joseph Rotondo,” “World Champions 1994 by Kenechi Yoshihara”, “The Pigeon Guide by Shannon Hiatt and Dr. Jon Esposito,” and finally “Big Andy’s World Champions.” These books collectively have done more to bring the husbandry of pigeons into the 21st Century than anything previously available.

Silvio has kept pigeons since the age of nine, and his hobby has come a long way since that nine-year-old immigrant boy first renovated an old trunk to house his only pets, a pair of checker street pigeons, purchased at Toronto’s Kensington Market for him by his father Ernesto. Today, with an avid interest in genetics, Silvio’s colony of Spanjaards/ Janssen racing pigeons is one of the most inbred available.

Along with his book publishing, Silvio Mattacchione orchestrated the founding of the Canadian Parrot Symposium in 1990. The Canadian Parrot Symposium (CPS) was Canada’s premier educational international convention for those interested in keeping or breeding parrots. World Class experts or novices, pet owners, breeders, biologists, foundations, zoologists, and curators all attended this event for its 14 years of non-profit operations. The CPS was recognized and attended by experts globally and was considered a must-attend event on the international aviculture calendar.

Incorporated in 1992, the CPS continued for 14 years to fulfill the role envisaged by its founders Silvio Mattacchione and Jacquie Blackburn: Provide a forum for the exchange of information; publish educational material, and donate all surplus revenue to avian causes. The success of the Canadian Parrot Symposium has made it possible to give something back to aviculture. To this end, Mattacchione and Blackburn directors of the CPS established the Graduate Award in Avian Studies at the Ontario Veterinary College at the University of Guelph. Each year surplus revenue and the money raised from an auction held at the symposium were added to the endowment. The principal remains intact, with a significant award made yearly ( to a graduating Avian Vet.)  from the interest earned. Our contribution to this endowment has now grown to over $100,000.00.

In early 2010 Silvio decided to start a new endeavor and go into the Aronia Berry Farm business.   The Aronia Berries plants for the fields had to be imported from the United States. In late September 2010, a tractor-trailer load of tiny 2.5-inch Aronia plants arrived at our farm. Over a period of 3 days, with a crew of 8, 8 acres of these tiny 2.5-inch plants were hand planted.  Each one of these Aronia plants was planted and cared for naturally without pesticides, herbicides, and without man-made fertilizers. Our only tools were a hoe, shovel, rake wheelbarrow, and scythe. Our venture was a  labor of “love, peace, and joy”



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