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Racing Pigeon Articles

Silvio's Farm - Silvio Mattacchione - Breeder of Award Winning Racing Pigeons

Silvio’s extensive ongoing series of articles on racing pigeons have been and continue to be published in racing pigeon and fancy pigeon journals in the USA, Great Britain, Canada, China, Taiwan, Mexico, Romania, Hungary and Australia as well as having been published digitally by websites globally.

He has written numerous books including “Kingmaker: De Rauw Sablon A Racing Pigeon Dynasty” He has published six books on racing pigeons: “The Will To Prepare by Bob Kinney”, “Rotondo On Racing Pigeons by Joseph Rotondo”, “World Champions 1994 by Kenechi Yoshihara”, “The Pigeon Guide by Shannon Hiatt and Dr. Jon Esposito”, and finally “Big Andy’s World Champions”. These books collectively have done more to bring the husbandry of pigeons into the 21th Century than anything previously available.


“My articles on Racing Pigeons have been published worldwide in every major print and digital pigeon journal. They have, with permission, been translated into many languages. I hope to continue inspiring future fanciers to read, study, research, and share!”  Silvio Mattacchione

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Racing Pigeon Articles Silvio Mattacchione's Articles

1“Ajax” Spanjaards Champion BreederPDFVIEW
2“Bayo Casablanca” - World Record Over The SeaPDFVIEW
3"Big Andy" PIPA Agent for North AmericaPDFVIEW
4“Build it, and They Will Come…”PDFVIEW
5“Good Pigeons Make Master Breeders”PDFVIEW
6“Good Samaritan” Brief History of An American Family of Racing Pigeons – The Silverado Family of Racing PigeonsPDFVIEW
7“Hoosier Classic 2020” Rising from The AshesPDFVIEW
8“Limited Edition 1689” Spanjaards Breeding SuperstarPDFVIEW
9“Limited Edition” Ours is a Quiet MissionPDFVIEW
10“Limoges” Super Sablon Ace Passes 2010PDFVIEW
11“New Freddy”  1st National Ace Pigeon KBDBPDFVIEW
12"One Team, One Heart" Ulrich LemmensPDFVIEW
13“Phar Lap”  1998 Oshawa Club Old Bird Champion & Kawartha Northshore Combine ChampionPDFVIEW
14“Pigeon Myths Exposed”PDFVIEW
16“Silvio’s One Loft Race Results”PDFVIEW
17“St. Thomas” Presentation -  Silvio's  Spanjaards Foundation SirePDFVIEW
18“The Secret” of Marcel SangersPDFVIEW
19“The Shrader Breeding Gazebo”PDFVIEW
20“Thomas Gyselbrecht” Racing in Russia PDFVIEW
212011  - A Year To Remember - PIPA Is Now Ten!PDFVIEW
22A Dream Come True: The PIPA Elite CenterPDFVIEW
23A Family of Pigeons: Kemyel Powder Blue ManiaPDFVIEW
24A Preventative Medication Program That WorksPDFVIEW
25Alistair Hogg - UKPDFVIEW
26APC Lofts - George and Jennifer RankinPDFVIEW
27Are Vaccines Good for the Health of Our Racing Pigeons?PDFVIEW
28Ashdon Farms - AKA SilviosfarmPDFVIEW
29Bart & Francis Verdeyen - BelgiumPDFVIEW
30Bart & Nance Van Oeckel - BelgiumPDFVIEW
31Bartosz Morel - PolandPDFVIEW
32Bernie Bedard - You Are Never Too Old to Learn or To WinPDFVIEW
33Bob Duhra: East Meets WestPDFVIEW
34Bonnie Boyne Farms – Bill Braden Champion Turkey BreederPDFVIEW
35Culling: Looking For AlibisPDFVIEW
36Derby Arona: The Most Extreme One Loft Race in the WorldPDFVIEW
37Egbert O’kelley “Out of Africa Lofts”PDFVIEW
38Evolution as Religion and the Hijacking of SciencePDFVIEW
39Eye Sign: Two Required for Maximum PerformancePDFVIEW
40From Sea To Shining Sea - Karl Von Gardony Canada’s Most Successful Pigeon FlyerPDFVIEW
41Geert De Clercq - BelgiumPDFVIEW
42Geert Munnik and “Johnny Boy” 2009 Middle Distance Champion of All of HollandPDFVIEW
43Gerard and Bas (Sebastiaan) Verkerk: Dynamic DuoPDFVIEW
44Guido Madrusan Pigeon EmpirePDFVIEW
45Hans Jansen of Geldrop - Marijke Vink CollectionPDFVIEW
46Hoosier Classic International One Loft Race 2018PDFVIEW
47Jelle Roziers “Queen L” Rules! (ENGLISH Version)PDFVIEW
48Jelle Roziers/ “Queen L” Rules! (Chinese Version Part 1)PDFVIEW
49Jelle Roziers/ “Queen L” Rules! (Chinese Version Part 2)PDFVIEW
50Jim Gabler: Americas Dream Loft - ADLPDFVIEW
51Josef & Frank Elkemann - GermanyPDFVIEW
52Kemo Basic - An Alternative ViewPDFVIEW
53Ken Easley and Son LoftsPDFVIEW
54Kenneth A. Rhodes Protégé LoftPDFVIEW
55Le Tour Des Maritimes Futurity: A Classic Made in Canada TestPDFVIEW
56Louis Stabel and Son - HollandPDFVIEW
57Macedonian “Michelangelo” Georgi DanevskiPDFVIEW
58Made in Canada Pigeon Photography By Andrew SkrobotPDFVIEW
59Manuel Rodriguez GALLO LOFTPDFVIEW
60Marc and Geert Pollin - BelgiumPDFVIEW
61Mark and Naomie Kitchenbrand Dedicated To Improving The Sport Of Racing Pigeons In South Africa – Kitchenbrand’ s Loft, – Club 500PDFVIEW
62Mark Caudwell Van Reets - UKPDFVIEW
63Master Breeder Ed Minvielle - Made In The USAPDFVIEW
64Mauricio Jemal~ “I salute you!”PDFVIEW
65Maziarz Family Lofts – POLANDPDFVIEW
66Microbial Health-Bacteria for LifePDFVIEW
67Minerals: Essential Ingredients for Good HealthPDFVIEW
68Mitochondria DNA And The Significance of The Maternal Line (English Version)PDFVIEW
69Mitochondrial DNA And The Significance of The Maternal Line (Chinese Version)PDFVIEW
70Mr. Bond :The Rest Of The StoryPDFVIEW
71Never Say Die –  The Clausing StoryPDFVIEW
72Niels Broeckx - BelgiumPDFVIEW
73Oregano for Racing PigeonsPDFVIEW
75Pedigrees: Hate them or Love them You Gotta Have Them!PDFVIEW
76Pigeon Myths Exposed (Spanish Translation)PDFVIEW
77Pinter Zsolt - HungaryPDFVIEW
78PIPA Jewels of The Sky In Its 7th Year!’PDFVIEW
79PIPA Selling Jewels of The Sky WorldwidePDFVIEW
80PIPA to Auction Colony of Geert Munnik!PDFVIEW
81Pure StrainsPDFVIEW
83Ray Crawford: Young Man with a PassionPDFVIEW
84Ronda Mariani : New York Pigeon Fancier calledPDFVIEW
85Ronny Menten - BelgiumPDFVIEW
86Ross Vaccaro Heavenly LoftsPDFVIEW
87Sébastien Casaert - A Racing Pigeon Prodigy!PDFVIEW
88Secret Camp-X Agents Saved by “Cleo” The Racing Pigeon!PDFVIEW
89Spanjaards Silvio: The ‘KANON’ Brand   Detailed 66 page Reference list of our StockPDFVIEW
90Spanjaards: Source Loft (Chinese Version)PDFVIEW
91Spanjaards: Source Loft (English Version)PDFVIEW
92Steacy Family LoftsPDFVIEW
93Successfully Breeding the Racing PigeonPDFVIEW
94Successfully Starting A Family Of Racing Pigeons On A Small BudgetPDFVIEW
95The “Pigeon Times” Newsletter 1PDFVIEW
96The “Pigeon Times” Newsletter 3PDFVIEW
97The “Pigeon Times” Newsletter 2PDFVIEW
98The 700 ClubPDFVIEW
99The Grass is Always Greener on the Other Side: OR IS IT?PDFVIEW
100The Gyselbrecht StrainPDFVIEW
101The Janssen Brothers of Arendonk, Belgium: The Most Famous Pigeon Fanciers in the WorldPDFVIEW
102The Lorenz/Loizzi Horemans - An American Racing Pigeon FamilyPDFVIEW
103The Salem Special One Loft Race ~ Count Me In!PDFVIEW
104The Tough Young Birds Race In TaiwanPDFVIEW
105The Worlds Most Expensive Pets – Elite Racing Pigeons Sell for Millions!PDFVIEW
106Thomas Mattacchione Kemyel Lofts Canada “British Show Racers”PDFVIEW
107Thomas MattacchionePDFVIEW
108Thorsten Daum - Germany FCI World Champions 2009/2010PDFVIEW
109Tim Atkin - Great BritainPDFVIEW
110Tim Kirschner And The Breeders Fall ClassicPDFVIEW
111Tomasz Wiczling - PolandPDFVIEW
112Trinidad Bancier Dominates Eastern Ontario CombinePDFVIEW
113Van Damme’s Legend “De Locco” Moves To China!PDFVIEW
114Weather Warfare: Could It Be Affecting Our Racing Pigeons?PDFVIEW

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