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Parrots Their Care and Breeding: by Rosemary Low (Author)

Detailed book on renowned Author about Breeding Parrots!

This is the most comprehensive coverage of the parrot family n captivity to have appeared in any language.  In recent years there has been a necessary shift of emphasis amount aviculturist, who, since importations have been severely restricted, now concentrate their efforts on breeding from their birds.  

This book therefore deals very thoroughly with this aspect and includes the experiences of breeders throughout the world, many of them previously unpublished.  

Parrots are especially interesting as aviary subjects, certain species breed so readily that there are more of them in captivity than in their often shrinking natural habitat; others, however, are extremely difficult to rear under captive conditions. 

AS pets, parrots have been popular for centuries for their intelligence, affectionate nature, engaging personalities and their ability to mimic.  The parrot owner who is interested primarily in this aspect will find information on individual species' characteristics throughout the book. 

Ninety full colour photographs illustrate widely varying species of parrot and include some extremely rare specimens. 

This is a HEAVY BOOK - with 600+ pages!  With 28 chapters - Species, Management, aviaries, feeding, the pair bond, breeding, hand-rearing, mutations, parrots as pets, sick birds, causes and care..... just to name a few!!!

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Product details:

  • Condition:  Used - Good Condition.  Red boards are in great shape - gold gilt lettering on spine, dust jacket is worn has a crease on front page, binding intact
  • Hardcover: 654 pages  with dust jacket minor wear on top edges
  • Publisher:  Blandford Press Ltd. (1980) 
  • Language: English
  • Illustrations: B&W and colour photos
  • ISBN-10:  071370876x
  • ISBN-13:  978-0713708769
  • Product Dimensions:  22 x 15 x 4.9 cm
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