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The Eyes and other guides to Success: by John Lambrechts (Author)

Assessing the quality of the pigeon by Eye-Sign. RARE & Vintage by John Lambrechts, One of the greatest, top figures in the post-war history of pigeon racing. He expected his birds to perform or else & his entire approach was geared to just one goal – top efficiency
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This book is about assessing the eyes of a pigeon and knowing you have a winner. Illustrated by photographs in color and black and white with explanatory text.

"Over the years I have learned to appreciate the Significance of a pigeon’s main attributes, particularly the physical characteristics of the eye. These are judged both individually and against the background of its parentage, which are by no means the same thing. It has long been my intention to explain in writing what these differences are. It is no simple matter to teach a person what to look for in a pigeon’s eye and what the various features mean. It is, moreover, a thankless job as even the most detailed description fails to make the reader understand what the writer has in mind.

That is why, for a long time, I have been planning to write a book on the eyes of a pigeon illustrated by photo’s in colour and accompanied by an explanatory text. A faithful reproduction of such photos is so expensive that, for a long time nothing came of it. Now, however, my plan has been realized. Thanks to the co-operation of the publisher and the expertise of photographer Frans Le Bastard my book has materialized and I hope that it will benefit all who wish to learn and clarify many points that, thus far, were not clear to them." -- By the John Lambrechts

All Pages are in perfect condition, except for an embossed label on 1st page.
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  • Condition: Used – Good (G) - embossed label 1st pg, back cover dirt marks
  • Paperback: 87 pages 
  • Publisher: The Racing Pigeon Publishing Co Ltd. (1973)
  • Illustrations: Color and B&W photos
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  • ASIN: B0007AK7QK
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1.  Eyes
2.  Circles
3.  Varieties
4.  Pupils
5.  Protection
6.  Practical Application

7.  Mating Problems
8.  Matching
9.  Stock Pigeons
10. Health
11. Mating in Freedom
12. First Impressions
13. Muscular Structure
14. Plumage
15. Balance
16. Stamina
17. Direction Finding
18. Night Blindness
19. Wings
20. Gullets
21. Staying Powers
22. Ace Fliers