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Artificial Incubation and Rearing: by Dr. Joseph Batty (Author)

A companion to Natural Incubation and Rearing, this book deals with the employment of incubators and artificial rearers for all types of poultry and allied birds.

This book traces the development of incubation methods; it also explains the necessary requirements for achieving maximum results. Combination the essential factors can be done only with an understanding on how an embryo develops and grow and this is all explained in concise and simple terms. No previous knowledge is assumed, but the full range of possible scales is covered for the fancier who wishes to hatch, say, 50 eggs to the poultry farmer who wishes to hatch thousands.  Where large incubators are to be obtained there is a guidance given on capital expenditure decisions and the procedures followed.  Also eggs from a wide range of birds are featured from bantams to ostriches.  Points of difficulty are examined in relation to particular eggs.  

The methods used for successful rearing are explained and there are many illustrations of equipment which may be used.  There are 16 plates in full color showing the stages of development and some of the species/breeds which may be hatched.  It can be recommenced to poultry fanciers or to students who must have a grounding in the practical applications of incubation methods and embryology.

In this edition a special color plate section has been specially prepared form photographs by different people. Where still in copyright acknowledgement has been given.

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  • Condition:  New
  • Hardcover:  160 pages     
  • Publisher:   Beech Publishing House (1997)
  • Language: English
  • Illustrations:   Color Plates
  • ISBN-10: 1857363264
  • ISBN-13:  9781857363265
  • Product Dimensions: 21.8 x 16.1  x 1.9  cm
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1.  Introduction: Meaning of Incubation
2.  The Eggs & Incubation
3.  Formation of the Egg
4.  The Reproduction Process
5.  History of Incubators
6.  Justifying the Expenditure
7.  The Incubator Room/Building
8.  Small Scale Incubation
9.  Large Scale Incubation
10. Incubator Problems
11. Final Developments & Hatching
12. Rearing