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Lewis Wright & His Poultry: by Dr. Joseph Batty (Author)
Lewis Wright the great Victorian author, editor and poultry, pigeon and animal expert - illustrated book of Poultry with 80 plates reproduced in full size. Along with a summary of breeds covered by Lewis Wright
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Staffordshire Bull Terriers English & Irish: by Shaun Barker (Author)
This book looks at the much loved Staffordshire bull terrier breed, and asks whether the current standards are drifting too far away from the original concept of the breed which should represent agility, fitness and courage.
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0727014986 Pigeons and Doves of Australia: by H.J. Frith (Author)
Detailed book on the 25 species of Australia's Pigeons & Doves! Including nomenclature, history, distribution, feeding, breeding, nesting, habitats, maps, activity, behavior & more.
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b002emzi3q 101 Methods: by Jules Gallez (Author)
Out of Print & very hard to find! Volume 1 of Set of 5 books from Gallez. 101 methods on Raising Pigeons. All Five Jules Gailez Volumes available.
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Racing Pigeon Potpourri Part 2 101 Methods: by Jules Gallez (Author) & Theunis F. Venter (Author)
Out of Print & Hard to Find! Volume 2 of Set of 5 books from Jules Gallez. 101 Methods Part II on Raising Pigeons - All Five Volumes available.
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Aronia Concentrate
Buy Organic Aronia Berry Juice Concentrate - 16 oz Bottle
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Mitochondrial DNA Explained sample Pg1
Mitochondrial DNA Explained! - Racing Pigeon Article written by Silivo Mattacchione
Parrot Sense: by John Doole (Author)
How to protect your bird from aviculturists, nutritionists and the merely expert! Filled with practical advice on birdkeeping. Refreshingly original and funny.
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The Flag Flying System: by Alfred Stains (Author)
Rarest Pigeon book about the Right method of Loft-Flying! Describing the techniques of young and old birds and Presents a practical method of handling Racing Pigeons
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A Monograph of Endangered Parrots: Subscriber\'s Edition: by Tony Silva (Author)
Acclaimed world wide as a invaluable addition to parrot literature, this book covers, in depth, 51 of the rarest parrots in the world today in 400 pages. If you really want to know where these species stand, then this title is a must. Limited (Subscriber's Edition) to 2000 copies worldwide.
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A Monograph Of Macaws and Conures: Subscribers Edition: by Tony Silva (Author)
This limited copy (2000) Subscriber Edition contains over 500 pages as well as 40 color paintings by Artist Eric Peake. It is one of the most comprehensive books on the subject of Macaws & Conures. With over 25 chapters covering so many varieties of these birds as well as their Classification, The Bird Trade, Purchasing the Bird, Care & Well-being, Role of Aviculture in Conservation, Husbandry, Incubation, Hand-rearing, & so much more.
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Avian Medicine: Principles and Application (Abridged Edition): by Dr. Branson Ritchie
This handy paperback is an informative & affordable reference for breeders, avian practitioners or anyone with an interest in avian health care. A pocket edition of the original text that one can easily carry. This Abridged Edition makes the details included in the comprehensive book more accessible on a daily, quick-reference basis.
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Breeds of Poultry and Their Characteristics: by Dr. Joseph Batty
Covers all the major breeds (over 70) of poultry in terms of the following: 1) Appearance, 2) Characteristics, 3) Productive Qualities, 4) Utility and Exhibition Faults, and 5) General Remarks. A guide to all who wish to consider which breed to keep and know what to expect in terms of productivity. Illustrations of typical birds also included in both color and B&W.
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