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In 1955 my mother Vincenza, my brothers Gabriel , Angelo  and I boarded “La Saturnia” in Naples disembarked at Ellis Island headed for Toronto. My mother encouraged my growing  fascination for pigeons as a way of keeping me safe and occupied  in my own back yard.

In an odd way, my mother’s need to keep me safe, encouraged my pigeon  interests, that then cultivated my love of reading that eventually lead to my desire to publish and distribute my own books.  I published my very first book on racing pigeons in 1986.It was a huge success and I was hooked and spent the next 40 years publishing specialty books on birds and helping others from around the world, create beautiful full color award winning  quality books. Our Limited Edition archival books are in private collections and in rare book collections world -wide.

Frequently Asked Questions

Publishing Guidelines

Self-publishing Guidelines

We get so many inquires that we have decided to post an outline of the costs associated with designing your book. With these prices most would-be self publishers will now have a very accurate idea of the costs that are actually involved in bringing together your proposed book project. Please also note that a great deal of our work is supplied to us by other independent publishers who may not have enough capacity at a particular point in time to take care of a particular project. Under these circumstances we provide a total “turn key” solution by designing, printing and delivering to destination at an agreed upon fixed unit price per book. If you are an independent or specialty publisher, a corporation requiring an annual report or product manual, a church or historical group looking to produce a book as a fund raising vehicle or an individual interested in publishing a book that you have written then please review this material and contact us for further assistance.

Manuscript Style Guidelines

The following guidelines are in place to help us produce the best book from your manuscript:

Our design and layout team requires that you submit manuscripts on disk using Microsoft Word software. Keep all text flush left. Do not center headings or sub-heads, etc. Use tabs…not space bar entries to format indents. Use the software standard features for text entry. Do not attempt to format or do an elaborate book design with your manuscript, as you will be wasting your time and ours!

Caption Reference

Use the same numbering system for all picture and illustration captions. These can be submitted in a variety of ways i.e., CD, DVD, USB drive, cloud link, Google Drive, etc.

Paragraph Indenting

You should indent paragraphs using tabs. Usage of Bold, Italic and Underline may be used as you see the need.

Graphical Elements

Do not use boxes in your text. Uniquely identify each element by entering it as Picture #, Chapter #, Page #. An example of your first photo may be Picture 1-1-12, this identifies placement of Photo 1 in Chapter 1 on page 12 of your manuscript. Mark the slide, photo or illustration with the same number. Depending on final design and page breaks, we will provide placement as close to your request as possible. Provide a marked up hard copy of the manuscript indicating positioning of photos using a highlight marker with written notation.

Photo and Text Releases

If you use material from another author or publication, you must have all photo and text release letters signed and on file. No exceptions due to international copyright laws.

Basic Price to Design Your Book

Our design and layout team charges vary. Depending on complexity and number of photos and illustrations price will increase.  Our fees will includes the design of your cover plus the design and layout of all interior pages of the book! This is called your cost of origination and is fixed .Obviously the more books you intend to print the less significant this sum will be!

Printing of Your Book

The actual cost of printing your book will be quoted once we have established the trim size, the type and quality of paper, the binding type, the ink (color or B/W) the number of books required and the delivery destination. This sum is in addition to the design cost!

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Testimonials on Silvio’s Book Publishing

Silvio's Book Publishing: We Design, Print & Publish
  • I could not have been happier with the results!

    I will be forever grateful to Silvio Mattacchione for his assistance in producing my book, “Why You Were Born”. His expertise saved me money to be sure, but what impresses me the most was his hands-on personal manner that guided me through the printing process. He foresaw the questions that I didn’t even know to ask.

    When you get Silvio you get a lot and you also get his team. As a photographer, getting the finest reproductions was particularly important to me. Master printer, Albert Tham at …..Press in Singapore, paid attention to the quality of every image on every page.

    I could not have been happier with the results. If you wish to talk to me personally, please feel free to call me anytime at my home in San Francisco. I would do anything to help support Silvio. In doing so I would simply be modeling the way he has so supported me.

    Jerry Downs 415-686-2639
  • Highly recommended!

    “I have worked with Silvio for well over 20 years. His publishing service is honest, straightforward and competitively priced. He and his design team have given life to my books. I highly recommend Silvio and Company”.

    Bruce Burchett
    Avian Publications/ Mpls, MN 55432
  • “Why You were Born” by Jerry Downs

    “…Who is this guy?” … Well, Jerry and I have spent lots of time together—photographing, talking. And he’s just like his photos. He’s like a kid. He finds beauty everywhere. He is full of wonder. Jerry’s new book is wonder-full. It will make you cry—sometimes because it’s so real and poignant, sometimes because you’re just laughing so hard. It’s beautiful. Everyone should read it. More than once. The world really needs this book.”

    Dewitt Jones
  • “Why You Were Born” by Jerry Downs

    “Jerry has an incredible story to tell, and the images draw you from one page to the next. It’s the most interesting dilemma–the story pulls you forward, and the gorgeous photography and quotes makes you want to stop and savor. I’d recommend this book to any and all. It’s good online. It’s FABULOUS as a printed book that will grace any coffee table or nightstand. “

    Janet Eden-Harris
  • Honesty and Integrity

    “I approached Silvio a few years back with an idea I had for a cookbook. One year later I had an internationally award winning book that I couldn’t have dreamed of. Silvio facilitated every step from concept to layout to actual production. At a very fair cost no less! You may find other publishers that can do the job but none with the qualities that Silvio possess…honesty and integrity.”



    Richard Florczak
    The Private Chef

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